Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trip to Seattle!

Jackson and I just got back from a fun filled, and yet somehow relaxing week in Washington! It was wonderful to get some much needed time off the island and just kick back and relax in the cold weather! Thanks so much to my family for hosting us and letting us take over their house :)

People who live in the US just don't realize how good they have it. I went in to a Safeway and almost started crying as I walked down the isles and everything was stocked and beautiful. The produce isle really got me. Big, beautiful (chemically engineered?)fruits and veggies just calling out for me. Ah.... it was a lovely experience.

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Look how cute my baby is! He's actually wearing clothes! haha (Jackson at 4 1/2 months)

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Celebrating Father's Day early with my Dad, sisters and Jackson at Black Diamond Bakery. It was delicious.