Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catching up

This should be the title of my whole life right now. I feel like I am constantly moving from one thing to the next, while mentally being in the tasks of last week. I can't even keep up with myself anymore! This is going to be the case for the next several weeks as we make our transition from being in Bakersfield to wherever we're going next too.

January was a wonderful but also hectic month. We took the family to Washington for almost the entire month, as Todd had a few interviews and second looks up there. We had an amazing time staying with family, and catching up with friends. It was such a blessing to me to be able to watch the boys interact with their grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousin. I love seeing them form these relationships. Todd and I were lucky enough to sneak away on a few dates- including an overnight excursion to Seattle! It was so much fun to just have a few stress free days to ourselves and reconnect with eachother. Birthday week was also during January. Jackson turned 3 and Noah turned 1. We celebrated with each of them on their actual bdays, and also had a family bday party for both of them. Jackson of course chose the theme- Spiderman :)

Now it's February and we are back in Bakersfield while Todd completes his LAST rotation. I can't believe it's the last one! In just 2 and a half weeks he will be DONE with school. The past 4 years have gone by in a crazy and amazing blur, and I can't believe it's almost over. We find out Todd's residency placement on March 17 and I will be trying to keep as busy as possible until then :) We are both so anxious to find out where we will be spending the next several years. Of course, we are hoping to be back in WA close to our families, but are content to go wherever God leads us.

I need to blog more on the day to day... on how the boys are growing and changing. I feel like if I tried to explain in all now, I'd be writing for days. They are both such amazing boys and I have never been happier.

More to come... stay tuned!