Thursday, October 30, 2008

What does the future hold?

As Todd finishes up his classroom years of medial school in Grenada, he is looking toward the next two years and is making decisions regarding where to spend his clerkship years. (The next two years are spent actually working and learning in hospitals) We have been discussing for several weeks now which locations would be the best for our family and Todd academically and Todd has reached his decisions! The way the system works is, you put down your top 3 choices, and the school does its best to match you in to one of those choices. 80% of students get their first or second choice.

Todd put in his request form last night and we will find out (hopefully) by November 21 where we will be spending the next two years of our lives!

Todd's choices were-
1. Kern Medical Center- Bakersfield, CA
2. St John's Medical Center- Grosse Pointe, MI
3. Brooklyn Hospital- Brooklyn, NY

We are really hoping for Bakersfield or Grosse Pointe. Only 3 weeks until we find out! :) I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime, please pray for us that God puts us where He wants us to be for the next two years!


Shauna Plain and Tall said...

Wow, thats so exciting! I lived in Brooklyn part time for 3 years and full time for 1 year. It would definitely be an experience :) I hope you get the place you want. We have been talking about maybe moving back to LA. If we do were not too far from Bakersfield!

Miss C said...

So its a toss up between living by Jillian, Jessica or Meredith lol....

how about 4. Virgina so you can be by Bri and Me! lol

But seriously, I hope you guys get what you want. I bet you are so excited!!

Its funny, we are going through the same thing about moving and waiting to find out right??