Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's OVER!

Phew! I did it! Two days later and my legs are still useless. I don't really get it because I had been running 12 miles without being sore the next day, but I guess 13 at a faster pace will put your body over the edge.

Early on Sunday morning, I woke up, gulped my coffee and headed out the door for the big race. I made myself some oatmeal but was so nervous I took one bite and could take no more. I was out the door and realized that it was pouring down rain. Great... this was definitely not ideal, especially since I didn't have a rain poncho and was wearing a long sleeved cotton shirt. What was I thinking? I made it to the subway and was able to force a power bar down as I waited for my stop. I looked around the train and there were several other women going to the race. Why did they look so relaxed? Didn't they realize what we were about to do?

I got off at 57th street and had to walk a few blocks to the park, then over to the start. It was still raining, and by raining, I mean pouring. I saw countless women with umbrellas and ponchos talking and laughing and enjoying themselves. I, on the other hand, was already soaked to the bone! A few women even asked if I was OK. haha. I made my way to my seeded corral and prepared to begin the race!

The start siren finally went off and everyone crowded around and went for it! It took me a few minutes to get to the start and off I went! I couldn't believe how different it was from running alone. Women were elbowing each other and cutting each other off. It was crazy. One woman cut me off and fell right in front of me. I had to pull an Apollo and basically jump over her!

Up to mile 8, I felt SO good. I don't know if it was the competition or the rain keeping me cool or what, but I actually thought, you know I think I could do a FULL marathon. This is a cinch! That was until mile 11 when I hit a wall... my legs wanted to give up but I dug deep and told myself TWO more miles... I could do it! I kept my pace up and was even able to go a little faster to the finish. My time ended up being 2:06, which I think is pretty darn good for my first ever half marathon. As miserable as I was after (being completely soaked, freezing, hypoglycemic, etc), I knew immediately that I would want to do another one of these things! I think I am hooked.

I don't usually say this, but I am proud of myself. Being a stay at home mom is the most wonderful thing ever, but I miss the aspect of working where you set goals for yourself, and when you achieve them, everyone congratulates you and thanks you for your efforts. Now, as we all know, being a mom is a thankless job, which is fine, but after I had Noah I was determined to set a goal for myself and reach it. I am so happy that 3 months post baby, I was not only able to reach it, but exceed it. Yes, I am proud of myself. Now off to change a poopy diaper. I love my life :)

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