Friday, August 27, 2010

Something tells me I won't win blogger of the year.

Ok, I know I'm not super great about keeping this blog up, but I am going to try and be better!

Things are going very well here. We are continuing to love our lives in California as we explore and make new friends. Todd is busy with the residency application process. I can' believe that this crazy medical school journey is coming to an end soon. It seems like just yesterday we were moving in to our teeny furnished apartment in Tower House, Newcastle.

Anyway, I could write about 40 pages of things that have happened over the summer, so I'll share a few pictures and let them do most of the talking.

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My baby sister graduated from high school!

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The kids continued to be adorable

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Noah and I got to travel to Portland for a weekend to see my cousin Melissa get married! It was so fun seeing everyone and being able to hang out with my family.

The heat has allowed for a lot of playtime inside, which makes for a couple of crazy kids (and mom). But not all of the craziness is bad. Here is one of my favorite videos of the kids goofing around :)

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