Wednesday, November 19, 2008

4 Weeks!!!

I can't believe that in 4 weeks from today, we will be waking up in Washington! It's amazing to think that after 9 months of living here, our time in Grenada is soon coming to a close. I've been reflecting on our time here, and there are some things that I will miss a lot about Grenada, and things I won't miss at all. :) I've decided to make a list, and each week I will update our blog with one of the top 4 things I will miss, and one of the top 4 things I will NOT miss. :)

The number 4 thing I will miss about Grenada is living a simple life. It definitely has its advantages. I wake up every morning knowing exactly what to expect. I can pick one out of my 5 outfits to wear, and nobody cares that it's not stylish, or whatever. It's always hot, so I can wear flip flops every day. In fact, its a rare occurance that you see Todd or I in actual shoes. Jackson wears a short sleeved onsie every day and that's it. He's OK with it, and so am I. We don't have much here, and not a lot of options, but that also means less choices and there's something kind of liberating about that.

The number 4 thing I will NOT miss about Grenada is living a simple life :) OK, it's great and all, but sometimes TOO simple. I am tired of my same 5 outfits, and can't wait to walk through a mall and see all of the pretty shops with their stylish clothes. I can't wait to wake up in the morning and have options. What should we do today? Go to the library? Go to the park? Go to a playgroup for kids Jackson's age? Go visit family? It's going to be so great to be a part of our normal environment again. I can't wait!

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