Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our last week in Grenada!

Wow, I can't believe that one week from right now, we will be in the air en route to Miami. So much has happened this year. We've gone through some really hard times, and we've had some really wonderful times. Although I'm really looking forward to our departure, I find myself having mixed feelings about it. Closing one chapter of your life is always bittersweet. It's always exciting to move on and see what's next but hard to close the door on any chapter of your life.

So many things to write about! I guess I should have posted individual blogs for the things that happened last week but we've been so busy I just figured I'd group them in to one HUGE post for today. Lucky you!

Last Thursday, we found out that Todd scored second out of 400 students for the BSCE 2, which is a cumulative exam of everything they've learned in Medical School thus far. Wow! I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard in school and he has his awesome grades to show for it :)

Also, last Thursday, our little monster decided it was time to leave mommy and daddy in the dust and take off walking! Scary! He was in the kitchen and had figured out that the remote did things to the TV, so he grabbed it, stood up, and proceeded to walk 7 feet over to the TV and turn it off! I was flabbergasted! Now, only a few days later, he is perfecting his walking and only crawls about 50% of the time. He's going to be running by the time we go home next week!

On Friday, we found out where we're headed in May.... well at least where the preliminary placement for Todd's clinical rotations is. Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. We were a little shocked, as we didn't even put it as one of our options, and honestly we were a little disappointed because we were hoping for Grosse Pointe or CA, but we are there for a reason and are excited to see what's in store for us there. Rotations start the third week of May so we plan to head to NY eary May sometime to get settled. I had never pictured us living in NYC but if you asked me two years ago if I ever pictured living in England or the Caribbean, there's no way I would have said yes!

Alright, now on to the list. The thing I will mist the MOST about Grenada are my wonderful wonderful roomies. They have truly become a family to us in England and here, and it's really hard trying to imagine not being able to see them next year. (They were all placed in MI) It's going to be very hard to say goodbye to them. They are all such amazing people and I can't wait to meet their little bundles of joy coming in February and May!

The number one thing I will NOT miss about Grenada- BUGS!!! I HATE bugs. Always have. But they are EVERYWHERE here. Any type of bug you could every imagine, in mass quantities and ususally larger than normal. I have been wearing pants in my own house for the whole year because of how bad the mosquitos are. And those suckers will even bite you through your pants! We also have some lovely cockroaches in our bathroom, cupboards, you name it, they are there. What's kind of sad to me is that it hardly even phases me anymore when I see a huge roach. It's hard to even imagine not having to worry about bugs!

Alright.... that's about it! I may make another post, but most likely not. We have way too much to do! Next time you hear from us..... we'll be in the US of A! :)

Now here are some recent pics of our little goofball for your viewing pleasure.
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The Galloway's said...

I love the outfit :)

The Cornatzer Family said...

I hope you know what an extreme weather change you will encounter when you get here.....it is FREEZING outside. Have a safe trip, welcome home :)

Billy and Nikki said...

You seriously have the cutest family! Your little boy is getting so big.