Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 Weeks!

Wow, I can't believe it's already time to make my 2 week post. In two short weeks, we will be at the Point Saline airport getting ready for our flight to Miami. Unbelievable. We are so excited, but we still have so much to do! (anyone want to buy a 4Runner in Grenada??!!!)

Yesterday was fun. We drove up to Grand Etang natural reserve at the top of the island and it was beautiful! It was a completely different Grenada than what I had seen before. It must have been at least 10 degrees cooler and the rainforest was absolutely beautiful! We even got to see a monkey! Jackson loved him :) It was a lot of fun to just be a "tourist" yesterday and to really enjoy this part of Grenada we hadn't seen.
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Now, on to the list! The number two thing I will miss about Grenada is the great community of people we have all around us! Not only do we live with friends but we have friends and great neighbors all around! I have never truly experienced community living as I have here, and it's wonderful. Everyone truly looks out for and cares for eachother, the same way an extended family would. I am really going to miss everyone here a great deal.

The number two thing I will NOT miss about Grenada- things breaking and going wrong on a daily basis. That's right. I know that anywhere you go has it's share of that, but not like here. Just in the past week, our power has gone out a couple of times, the water pressure has been shut off, our internet has gone out, our hot water has stopped working in the evenings, etc. It's just a common thing here for some reason. On a positive note, however, I think it has made us far more patient in general!

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